Youtube comment analysis

Get more out of your YouTube comments!
Enter a link of your YouTube video and let us analyse your comments and show you what your audience thinks.

Comment analysis currently only works for comments in English language.

the platform

A better way to send money.

Better data
For the successful Youtubers out there, it is extremely difficult to read the thousands of comments under their videos and extract the content that is so important for the existence of the channel.
Easy to use
Just paste a Youtube link and the analyser will read through all the comments for you. You get a content analysis of the comments and know at a glance what your viewers are discussing and what topics are important to them.
In addition, you will receive a sentiment analysis with which you will receive a numerical value for each comment, but also for each video, which will allow you to make comparisons.
Of course, there are more statistical figures for you to discover on the site 😉.